• WT G1000 Nxi compatibility step 1 (experimental see the documentation).
  • Reporting the transponder ident to the sim.


  • Bugfix: World map flight plan cleaning issue at startup that may result in a bad flight plan.


  • Bugfix: Checklist remote import not working for some aircrafts.


  • Group and checklist names are now limited to 30 characters.
  • Added the checklists page in the map fields options.
  • Added a checklist remote repository (import from PMS50).
  • Importing a checklist now updates it in all the cockpit’s GPS (650, 750, or Panel).


  • bugfix: Few checklists display.
  • bugfix: Checklist or group selection UP and DOWN buttons not working.


  • Bugfix in import checklists.


  • Added checklists (premium).
  • Added clean screen utility (not very useful in a sim).


  • Added fuel planning units and fuel type parameters.
  • Added airspace altitudes when clicking on a nearest airspace list item.


  • SU7 compatibility.
  • Added fuel planning page (premium).
  • Added user waypoint creation from map page (premium).
  • The map page zoom now centers on clicked map point like in the original instrument.
  • Added a cursor in the map page when in pan mode.


  • Enhanced world map flight plan cleaning (removing TIMEVERT waypoints).
  • Added betzel events for the toolbar panel (L variables).
  • Bugfix: Flight plan not completely deleted after a delete order if an approach is loaded. Entering a new origin was then impossible.
  • Bugfix: The approach autoactivation may not work if the last enroute waypoint is the same as the first approach waypoint.


  • Added a mitigation button to help adjust brightness control with very bright betzels.


  • Bugfix: Still stuttering issue definitively fixed.


  • Bugfix: stuttering issue if used with a low specs PC.


  • Bugfix: The sim may change the current leg while loading or removing an approach.
  • Bugfix: The sim may change the autopilot NAV mode after canceling a direct TO.


  • Bugfix: the reload GPS option was not working.
  • Bugfix: some waypoint display issues.
  • Bugfix: FP is sometimes deleted when it has less than 3 waypoints.
  • Bugfix: The approach frequency was not set when activating the approach.


  • SU6 compatibility (final step).
  • Leaving OBS mode now switches to directTo (except for a user waypoint).
  • The panel version power on is now linked to the main bus voltage instead of the avionics circuit. This prevents the GTN to stay off if there is no avionics bus in the airplane.
  • The default value for the U-turn bug workaround is now unset since the bug has been fixed in SU6.
  • Removing the workarounds about adding and removing waypoints since the bugs have been fixed in SU6.
  • Activating the approach sets a direct To the IAF as in the original instrument.


  • SU6 compatibility (third step).
  • Added COM frequency ident and type in radio part.
  • Increased max intersection display range.
  • The fast find button of the waypoint keyboard selection displays the last map selected waypoint if there is one. This gives an easy way to add a waypoint to the Flight plan by selecting it from the map (premium).
  • Added flight plan button in the map page pan mode (doesn’t exist in the real unit, premium).
  • Added a charts button in the procedure selection pages.
  • The frequency keyboard’s first digit is now always 1 as in the real unit.
  • Added a compass on the map page (premium).


  • SU6 compatibility (second step).
  • Autocleaning flight plan at startup.
  • Changed flight plan map display.
  • Bugfix: the ETED field was displaying bad information in the case of directTO.
  • Bugfix: The find recent waypoints page was lowering FPS.


  • SU6 compatibility (first step


  • Bugfix: Text keyboard option Qwerty / ABC works now also in the waypoint selection.
  • Bugfix: Enhancement of the u-turn bug workaround that was not working in some situations.


  • Bugfix: Bad display of the terrain page when switching from the main map.
  • Bugfix: The VS map field is not displayed if there is no flight plan.
  • Bugfix: The GTN750 buttons can stay active even if the GPS is hidden (ex in Carenado aircrafts when using the GNS530).


  • Added text keyboard option Qwerty / ABC.
  • Added user waypoint banks (20 banks of 100 waypoints).
  • Added user waypoint import from file.
  • Removed the perf option.
  • bugfix: Home push long on GTN650 was sometimes not going to the default nav page.


  • Keep direct To target when changing flight plan.
  • Cruising altitude can be set from flight plan menu.
  • Added flight timers in the Utility menu (premium).
  • Bugfix: cleaning FP sometimes not working.
  • Bugfix: it was not possible to enter an airway for the last SID waypoint.


  • Bugfix: display issue in catalog item if origin or destination is a user waypoint.
  • Bugfix: display issue in flight plan preview if origin or destination is not an airport.
  • Banana now works in North Up
  • Banana smoothing.
  • Workaround to the MSFS airways issue (missing or bad exit waypoints).
  • Bugfix: Could not select arrival transition.
  • Bugfix: storing into FP catalog may require 2 attempts.
  • Bugfix: discard any user WP in procedure when importing FP.
  • Airways saved in FPL catalog.
  • FPL Import accepts airways.


  • Display IAF/FAF in flight plan page.
  • Added along track waypoint creation (premium).
  • bugfix: VS map field was not displayed correctly.
  • Added banana for target altitude in Map page (premium).
  • Safe mode option removed.
  • Added a target altitude source option in options page.
  • Added a target altitude Map field.


  • Duplicate waypoints sorted by distance.
  • Added the Find button in waypoint keyboard (premium).
  • Added beacon marker visual alert (premium).
  • Waypoint altitude constraint can be set in flight plan (except for approach waypoints).
  • Import flight plan sets the given cruising altitude for all enroute waypoints.


  • User waypoints (in beta for now).
  • Speed up the display of nearest pages.
  • DA62 package updated for SU5 compatibility.
  • the OBS angle initial value is now taken from the HSI/CDI (depends on the aircraft).
  • Adding the map field ETA (estimated time of arrival at waypoint).
  • The old map ETA field is now ETA Dest (estimated time of arrival at destination).
  • Added the map field ETE Dest (estimated time left to destination).


  • pressing and holding the home button of the GTN650 brings you to the default nav page instead of the map page.
  • bugfix: the OBS path was not displayed in directTo if there was an empty flight plan.
  • bugfix: the directTo was not working correctly.
  • bugfix: the clean flight plan was available only on premium version.
  • C172 G1000 float and ski version integrated (same package as C172 G1000).


  • bugfix: the messages were not refreshed correctly.
  • bugfix: activate leg on approach waypoint was no working.
  • bugfix: the correct leg was not reactivated after a direct to an approach WP.
  • bugfix: the COM XFER was not working in the GTN650.
  • adding a clean flight plan option that removes the TIMECLI and TIMEAPPR waypoints introduced in SU5.


  • bugfix: direcTo an approach waypoint removes the flight plan when reaching the target.
  • panel: added a standby mode (see doc).


  • ident length of the imported user waypoints are now limited to 5 characters (issue in activate leg otherwise).
  • vcalc now accepts user waypoints.
  • bugfix: cold and dark fps and memory issue.


  • bugfix: airport elevation was displayed in meter instead of feet.
  • added: FPL import accept user waypoints.
  • bugfix: bad distance to destination if target directTo is final WP.
  • bugfix: panel was not resizing or minimize correctly.
  • workaround to MSFS resize panel issue (some images not showing after panel resize).
  • Display OBS angle in CDI if OBS active.
  • panel: added a way to move it without displaying the header.
  • panel: control areas have changed (see doc).
  • added Baron G58, cirrus SR22 and Carenado C182T as a compatible aircrafts.


  • Compatibility with sim update 5.
  • Single package instead of separate basic and premium.
  • Added GTN650.
  • The panel is now compatible with a cockpit GTN750.
  • Added cities and constraints in the map menu.
  • Panel is now directly integrated into the GTN750 package.
  • Panel: added a way to call home, map and directTo pages.
  • Panel: added a shortcut to toggle visibility (SHIFT + CTRL +S).
  • Panel: hide it when switching to external view.
  • Panel: bugfix. Button events were triggered when clicking outside the panel.
  • bugfix: the airplane icon was not displayed in the panel after a restart.
  • bugfix: traffic data was not displayed correctly in the panel.

Older change log




v1.0.21 Basic

  • Airport info button is now active in FPL procedure lines.
  • Added System Status page with version + database info.
  • Prevent adding enroute WP while an approach is active.
  • Workaround to add/remove WP bug in MSFS when an approach is loaded.
  • Adding a popup independent panel (experimental feature).
  • Some minor bug fixes.

v1.0.20 Basic

  • Bugfix: Map Distance to the destination was not correct.
  • Larger scrollbars.

v1.0.19 Basic

  • Changed description of ETA field.
  • Added checking of new version.
  • Added display of NAV frequency ident/name.

v1.0.18 Basic BETA

  • Compatibility with sim update 4.
  • Added an option for the U-Turn bug workaround.
  • Airspace message option disabled by default.

v1.0.17 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: disable msg button when messaging is disabled.
  • changed airspace messaging management.
  • added an option to disable airspace messages.

v1.0.16 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: HUD was displayed as a glass cockpit when embedded in a betzel.

v1.0.15 Basic BETA

  • Reducing map refresh frequency to prevent CTDs.
  • Changed the WT engine page detection.
  • Load procedure from waypoint page is possible now according to waypoint (destination or origin).
  • bugfix: map cropped if nexrad option is active while starting flight.

v1.0.14 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: DA62X Aux fuel not displayed.
  • bugfix: Airport symbol orientation to the main runway.
  • Added a speed option in setup.
  • Added a safe mode option in setup.

v1.0.13 Basic BETA

  • Added option for a directTo button in map pan view.
  • Added volume control.
  • Changed airplane icon.
  • bugfix: bad VOR name in VOR info page.
  • bugfix: Map display error on airspaces and roads.

v1.0.12 Basic BETA

  • Aircraft position displayed in Charts (requires premium >= 1.0.8).

v1.0.11 Basic BETA

  • Added audio panel
  • Added an options page

v1.0.10 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: button Navigraph connection not displayed
  • bugfix: global brightness control makes some menu transparent

v1.0.9 Basic BETA

  • added map home button (home push long)
  • Added global brightness control (system/backlight menu)
  • bugfix: map home button was resetting context buttons

v1.0.8 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: frequency display in airport info
  • bugfix: frequency display in NDB info
  • bugfix: Bad vertical distances in traffic
  • bugfix: Wind arrow not displayed

v1.0.7 Basic BETA

  • Wind field was displaying always 88

v1.0.6 Basic BETA

  • Manage index for dual GTN750 installation
  • Integrator’s guide updated

v1.0.5 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: Engine page not displayed

v1.0.4 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: VSR field was VS instead of VSR
  • Added VS Map field
  • Prohibit duplicates in map fields
  • Added detection of WT and multiple engine pages (G1000 replacement)

v1.0.3 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: procedure map legs not well displayed when OBS is active

v1.0.2 Basic BETA

  • Added distance to destination field
  • display bug Sirius weather title (XW instead of XM)
  • Fuel flow map field was not displaying correct information




v1.0.18 Premium

  • Airways management in flight plan page.
  • minor bugfix in Navigraph connection.

v1.0.17 Premium

  • bugfix: Navigraph connection may be lost after 30 minutes.

v1.0.16 Premium

  • Navigraph connection issue.
  • Added FPL invert.
  • Larger scrollbars.

v1.0.15 Premium

  • Changed description of ETA field.
  • Added checking of new version.
  • Added checking of license expiration.

v1.0.14 Premium BETA

  • Compatibility with sim update 4.
  • bugfix: Traffic bad display of negative relative altitude.
  • traffic: added a range level 1nm.
  • Weather radar calibration.
  • Added Url for Navigraph setup.

v1.0.13 Premium BETA

  • added an option GSL/AGL Altitude in Terrain page.

v1.0.12 Premium BETA

  • bugfix: HUD was displayed as a glass cockpit when embedded in a betzel.

v1.0.11 Premium BETA

  • Reducing map refresh frequency to prevent CTDs.

v1.0.10 Premium BETA

  • bugfix: Navigraph connection lost (will still occur in case of CTD).

v1.0.09 Premium BETA

  • Increased charts zoom level.
  • Added a message if we can’t get the Navigraph QrCode.
  • Added TOD Map field.
  • bugfix: VSR Map field was empty

v1.0.08 Premium BETA

  • Aircraft position displayed in Charts (requires basic >= 1.0.12)

v1.0.07 Premium BETA

  • Added an options page

v1.0.6 Premium BETA

  • Added charts as a page map field

v1.0.5 Premium BETA

  • Added global brightness control (system/backlight menu)

v1.0.4 Premium BETA

  • Added brightness control for chart images (Charts menu)

v1.0.3 Premium BETA

v1.0.2 Premium BETA

  • Bugfix in get Metar info