Bug reporting for BETA versions is on Discord only.
Support tickets will not be answered here.

If you got a sim crash / CTD,  please read this first.

Before reporting a bug:

  • Read the documentation (maybe not a real bug but a normal behavior)
  • Install the latest versions
  • Try to reproduce the issue without any other MOD or livery
  • Eventualy retry without external hardware or software involved with MSFS
  • Take some time to search for the fastest sequence that reproduces the bug
  • Re-install the MOD
  • Restart the sim
  • Reboot the computer
  • Set the weather to clear sky at midday.
  • Try with another aircraft and eventually with a different GPS (if this is a flight plan issue)
  • If you get a CTD, especially without manipulating the GPS buttons, try disabling the traffic data and messaging system from the GTN750 options page in System/Setup menu.

When reporting please provide:

  • All the information necessary to reproduce the bug. Be very precise
  • The exact flight plan (textual)
  • The version number as displayed when you start the GPS
  • The aircraft type
  • The list of installed Mods and liveries.

The more information you provide us, the faster your problem will be fixed.

Only customers who have purchased at least one of our products can log support tickets.
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