Extra features

Our GTN750 has been built from scratch using the Asobo and Working Title development tools for a full integration in the simulator.

Since we master the code we can provide extra features not available in the Garmin trainer or in competitor products.
Most of these extra features are optional so you can still fly the instrument nearly as the real one.

Navigraph Charts

Full Navigraph charts integration. It includes SID, STAR, Approaches, and airport diagrams at 7,000 airports worldwide. Requires a Navigraph subscription.

Extended map

This utility displays VFR, IFR, Wolrd, Satellite, road and FAA maps. You can see your flight plan and add your own maps (from a tile server like open street map). Requires a Navigraph subscription for some of the maps and/or a free Bingmap key.

Weather radar

Horizontal and vertical weather radar using the sim weather data.

HDG line

While changing the Heading bug, a line showing the current heading is displayed in the map page. Very usefull for HDG navigation and for intercepting the magenta line.

GSI Indicator

When one is available, A GSI Indicator is displayed on the right side of the main map page.

Autopilot panel

You can control your autopilot from a dedicated page in the Utility menu.

User fields

By enabling the dedicated option from the options page, the audio panel and XPDR parts of the display can be replaced by a set of user fields.


Our GTN750 crossfill between different units and also with the Asobo and WT Garmin instruments.

WT G3X compatibility

Our GTN750 can be used as an external instrument for the Working Title G3X.

External backlight control

You can define the volume knob to control the instrument backlight.

Simbrief import

You can import your flight plan directly from Simbrief or from a local pln file. You can also import the flight plan from the sim ATC.


The ATC page gives the list of online controllers with their frequency. You can filter the list. Pressing the frequency button sets the frequency for COM standby

Map field pages

You can define up to 4 map field pages for the main map instead of a single one in the real instrument. Once done you will see a small indicator at the top of the map page. You can swap the pages by pressing the dedicated area in the instrument's bottom status bar


After configuring a token, you can get the real time METAR and TAF data from the airport info page.

Toolbar panel

The GTN750 is available as an in-game panel. This feature is very useful for the VR users (but not only). This allows you to get the GTN750 in almost all the aircraft. It crossfills with many other Garmin instruments in the cockpit including the WT ones.

Hardware control

Our GTN750 can be controlled from any external hardware or software. We provide events for the bezel buttons but also the internal instrument content.
Look at the full event list here.