Basic version: Free

Premium version: €25/year

Premium version lifetime: €75

Premium upgrade to lifetime : €50

The per year payment gives you an authorization to use the software for a given period of time (one year). You pay only one time a year and there is no automatic renewal from our side.

We’ll never charge your credit card ourselves. It’s always up to you to do a payment from the checkout page.

A license can be used only on a single installation of MSFS. Inside the game, you can use any compatible aircraft with your license. You activate the license only one time for all the aircrafts.

Any taxes are included in the price.

The lifetime upgrade does not take into account the number of years you already paid so if you have paid 2 years and you order a lifetime upgrade, the total price paid will be 25+25+50=100. So it’s better to upgrade in the first year.

To renew your license (per year payment):

  • Login to your PMS50 account
  • Go to “My Account” menu
  • Click on “View licenses” in the Purchase section
  • Click on “Extend license”.
  • Proceed to checkout

To upgrade your per year license to lifetime license:

  • Login to your PMS50 account
  • Go to “My Account” menu
  • Click on “View licenses” in the Purchase section
  • Click on “View upgrades”.
  • Click on “Upgrade license”
  • Proceed to checkout

Important: your license must be valid so don’t wait the expiration date for upgrading. Anyway, if your license has expired and you want to upgrade it to lifetime, please contact us.

Note: Our GTN750 instrument is built at the top level of a software layer provided in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020). This software layer evolves all the time. Even if we do all the necessary for that to not occur, our instrument may be partially or totally broken after a MSFS 2020 update. We will not refund if this occurs.


A refund is possible under the following conditions:

  • You ordered less than 7 days ago.
  • The refund request is made in the same month as the order (ex: we can’t refund an order made on May 28 after May 31).
  • You have a real issue that is on PMS50 side and our support was unable to resolve this issue.

We remind you that you are supposed to have tested the free version in your environment before ordering.
We’ll not refund just because you are not satisfied about the product.
If you want to test the premium version, we can suggest you to buy first a year license and then to upgrade to lifetime during the first year.