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GTN750 Basic

Get the minimum feature for flying your flight plan

GTN750 Premium

Add premium functionality to the Basic product

GTN750 Activation Key

Activation license for the premium version

Premium requires Basic

and Activation key.

Current versions

  • Basic: 1.0.17
  • Premium: 1.0.13

Change log




v1.0.17 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: disable msg button when messaging is disabled.
  • changed airspace messaging management.
  • added an option to disable airspace messages.

v1.0.16 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: HUD was displayed as a glass cockpit when embedded in a betzel.

v1.0.15 Basic BETA

  • Reducing map refresh frequency to prevent CTDs.
  • Changed the WT engine page detection.
  • Load procedure from waypoint page is possible now according to waypoint (destination or origin).
  • bugfix: map cropped if nexrad option is active while starting flight.

v1.0.14 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: DA62X Aux fuel not displayed.
  • bugfix: Airport symbol orientation to the main runway.
  • Added a speed option in setup.
  • Added a safe mode option in setup.

v1.0.13 Basic BETA

  • Added option for a directTo button in map pan view.
  • Added volume control.
  • Changed airplane icon.
  • bugfix: bad VOR name in VOR info page.
  • bugfix: Map display error on airspaces and roads.

v1.0.12 Basic BETA

  • Aircraft position displayed in Charts (requires premium >= 1.0.8).

v1.0.11 Basic BETA

  • Added audio panel
  • Added an options page

v1.0.10 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: button Navigraph connection not displayed
  • bugfix: global brightness control makes some menu transparent

v1.0.9 Basic BETA

  • added map home button (home push long)
  • Added global brightness control (system/backlight menu)
  • bugfix: map home button was resetting context buttons

v1.0.8 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: frequency display in airport info
  • bugfix: frequency display in NDB info
  • bugfix: Bad vertical distances in traffic
  • bugfix: Wind arrow not displayed

v1.0.7 Basic BETA

  • Wind field was displaying always 88

v1.0.6 Basic BETA

  • Manage index for dual GTN750 installation
  • Integrator’s guide updated

v1.0.5 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: Engine page not displayed

v1.0.4 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: VSR field was VS instead of VSR
  • Added VS Map field
  • Prohibit duplicates in map fields
  • Added detection of WT and multiple engine pages (G1000 replacement)

v1.0.3 Basic BETA

  • bugfix: procedure map legs not well displayed when OBS is active

v1.0.2 Basic BETA

  • Added distance to destination field
  • display bug Sirius weather title (XW instead of XM)
  • Fuel flow map field was not displaying correct information




v1.0.13 Premium BETA

  • added an option GSL/AGL Altitude in Terrain page.

v1.0.12 Premium BETA

  • bugfix: HUD was displayed as a glass cockpit when embedded in a betzel.

v1.0.11 Premium BETA

  • Reducing map refresh frequency to prevent CTDs.

v1.0.10 Premium BETA

  • bugfix: Navigraph connection lost (will still occur in case of CTD).

v1.0.09 Premium BETA

  • Increased charts zoom level.
  • Added a message if we can’t get the Navigraph QrCode.
  • Added TOD Map field.
  • bugfix: VSR Map field was empty

v1.0.08 Premium BETA

  • Aircraft position displayed in Charts (requires basic >= 1.0.12)

v1.0.07 Premium BETA

  • Added an options page

v1.0.6 Premium BETA

  • Added charts as a page map field

v1.0.5 Premium BETA

  • Added global brightness control (system/backlight menu)

v1.0.4 Premium BETA

  • Added brightness control for chart images (Charts menu)

v1.0.3 Premium BETA

v1.0.2 Premium BETA

  • Bugfix in get Metar info