The GTN750 doesn’t display / power on

If, after installation, the GTN750 doesn’t display or power on in the cockpit, please follow these steps.

  1. First of all, verify the installation as described in the manual (search for “PMS50” in the sim’s content manager). You must have the latest GTN750 version. Your aircraft must be at the latest release too.
  2. Run the GTN750 toolbar panel (see chapter “Toolbar panel” in the manual) after starting your aircraft in Ready to Take Off mode. If it’s not working, this is probably an installation issue or an old version of the software running. Remove the GTN750 package from the community folder and install it again.
    If the toolbar panel is still not working, go to the GTN750 package folder in the community folder and run “verify.bat”. This should create a local file named “report_pms50-instrument-gtn750.txt”. This file should show somewhere “NO ERRORS”. If you have some errors please contact the support and post this file.
    If the toolbar panel works, go to its System / System Status page and verify the version and the WTT mode. If you contact the support, please post a screenshot of this page.
  3. Some aircraft require the GTN750 selection from a tablet or a cockpit switch (ex Carenado tablet). Verify if it’s selected. The GTN750 bezel should be displayed when selected even if it’s black or white.
  4. Test by removing any other Mod from your community folder (move them to a temporary folder). Keep only the aircraft and the GTN750 package. Also verify that no external program involved with MSFS runs (ex FSUIPC, TDS, etc…). Restart the sim.
    If the GTN750 works in these conditions, you probably have a mod conflict. Try to re-add your mods one by one to identify the culprit. Don’t forget to restart the sim after changing something in your community folder.
    This step is important because most of the issues come from a Mod conflict (ex livery or other GPS). Any Mod that modifies the aircraft’s panel.cfg file may prevent the GTN750 from running or displaying.
  5. If your aircraft has a hot GPS swapping feature including the GNS 530, verify that you have the latest version of the WT GNS530 from the marketplace. Test by cycle GNS/GTN selection if you still have an issue with the latest WT GNS530.
  6. If your aircraft has a WTT additional package available, install it. See the “Working Title Technology” chapter in the manual.
  7. Try with another aircraft if you have one available with the GTN750 in the cockpit. This could help to identify an aircraft-specific issue.
  8. Unplug your hardware. Some specific hardware (ex Honeycomb) may have a switch that could disable the avionics.
  9. Contact the support if you still have an issue after all these checks. Please provide the screenshot of the System / System Status page. Give us detailed information. Read the section “Before reporting a bug” on our support page.