WT GNS530 Compatibility

The Working Title GNS530 is now part of the base sim.

It is an excellent product but unfortunately, it suffers from a small bug that blocks the interaction with the mouse for our GTN750 product. The hot GPS swapping code may also prevent some other html gauges to power on after a flight restart.


Working Title found a way to fix that but this requires some work from aircraft providers to be compatible. Some aircraft already implement the new WT hot swapping but not all.


If you experience some unclickable buttons on the GTN750 or if some aircraft gauges doesn’t power on, you should try to install this patch.

The code of WT remains absolutely identical and the behavior will be similar. We just fixed the interaction and the hot swapping issues.

When WT releases a new version of their GNS530, we will also release a new fix package if necessary. Please consider updating in this case.


Unzip the patch file in your community folder.